Code of Ethics Policy

The WAGS Code of Ethics promotes and maintains commitment to the Association’s exempt purpose. Adherence to the Code of Ethics is expected of Association members, staff and other affiliates. As an organization committed to patient safety, the WAGS strives to instruct and train in pursuit of the safest outcomes.

As such:

1) Association bylaws, rules, regulations and policies shall be strictly observed at all Associationsponsored events.

2) Association members and programs shall encourage and pursue the highest levels of patient safety.

3) Association programs shall deliver training and education, free of commercial bias or conflicts of interest, in pursuit of the safest and most effective practices in gluteal procedures.

4) No individual or organization affiliated with the WAGS shall gain any direct monetary benefit from the promotion of their product or service to the Association.

5) Association members shall foster and support education and research within gluteal surgery in pursuit of the highest safety and efficacy in procedures, tools, technologies, treatments and practices.

6) Association members shall foster an educational environment of inclusion and mentorship toa dvance safe patient outcomes in the delivery of gluteal surgery services.