About Us

The World Association of Gluteal Surgeons (WAGS) is an organization founded by Dr. Michael Salzhauer, popularly known as Dr. Miami, with the goal of destigmatizing gluteal surgery and educating medical professionals around the world of the proper techniques to carry out the Brazilian Butt Lift safely and successfully.

Headed by world renowned plastic and cosmetic surgeons, Drs. Frank Agullo and Roxanne Grawe, WAGS is proud to offer a variety of resources to its members including:

  • Free online educational materials.
  • A library of detailed articles, videos, and proper safety guidelines.
  • Access to the WAGS Hotline.
  • Admission to the WAGS Annual Meeting and scheduled events.


Our mission is to promote patient safety and
education during BBL procedures.

Gluteal Surgeons International

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